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Keyboard Trainer

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Keyboard Trainer - A Typing Tutor

Plastic Perfection's Keyboard Trainer is a wonderful typing tutor! Our typing tutor covers your student's hands, hiding the keys and helping students learn to type without looking. The Keyboard Trainer is an extremely effective typing tutor and will be one of your most beneficial educational/typing tools.

The Keyboard Trainer is made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic. It is extremely durable and light weight. It easily stores on top of the computer monitor or stands on it's side behind the keyboard when not in use. The Keyboard Companion document holder can also be stored with the trainer to remove clutter from the desktop.

The ABS plastic we use for our typing tutor is virtually impossible to break. In addition, the texture and color of the Keyboard Trainer prevents scratches and marks from showing. Maybe most importantly, the texture and color also helps hide fingerprints!

The Plastic Perfection Keyboard Trainers have been a BIG hit at Dodd Elementary. The kids love them and cannot wait to get started keyboarding so they can use them. We have had a major increase in typing speed. I love the fact that the covers are practically indestructible - since there are over 650 kids in and out of my lab each week! Thank you for a great product!

–Nancy Spaulding, Keyboarding Instructor

Keyboard Trainer Plastic Book Holder Video

The Keyboard trainer is made from durable, flexible plastic. Watch this video to see how strong the Keyboard Trainer is.

Keyboard Trainer Typing Tutor Images

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A Student Using the Keyboard Trainer

The Keyboard Trainer Typing Tutor Specifications

The Keyboard Trainer is 4 in. high X 19 in. wide X 7 7/8 in. deep and easily covers all standard computer keyboards.

Typing Tutor Dimensions

The Keyboard Trainer is Easy to Store

When your students are not typing, you do not need to worry about where to keep the keyboard trainers. As shown with these 30 keyboard trainers, they are easy to stack and store.

Stacked Keyboard Trainers
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"When I told my students that I was getting them keyboard covers they all moaned and groaned. Then plastic perfection’s Keyboard Trainers arrived and they all wanted to try them out and see if they could type with them. Thank you Plastic Perfection."
–Jonathon Hanten, Technology Coordinator & Computer Instructor

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