Companion Trainer Combo

Companion Trainer Combo

A MUST for Keyboarding Students

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Companion Trainer Typing Combo

As a keyboarding teacher, your goal is to help your students improve their typing skills. The Trainer helps your students learn touch typing, and the Companion makes it easier to see the text they are typing. Having one without the other will not maximize their typing skills. It still works out, but your students are much better off with both.

"I love the Keyboard Trainers and so do my students! We used them for the first time last semester. Midway through the course, I told my students they could remove the trainers since we had completed our alphabetic keyboard training. Most of the students wanted to leave them on just so they would not develop any keypeeking habits.

Thank you for this wonderful product!"

- Jane Corradetti, Moraine Valley Community College

Keyboard Trainer

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"The Plastic Perfection Keyboard Trainers have been a BIG hit at Dodd Elementary. The kids love them and cannot wait to get started keyboarding so they can use them. We have had a major increase in typing speed. I love the fact that the covers are practically indestructible - since there are over 650 kids in and out of my lab each week! Thank you for a great product!"
–Nancy Spaulding, Keyboard Instructor

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