Testing Booklet Holder

Testing Booklet Holder

Holds Spiral-bound Booklets

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Student Booklet Holder

If you teach classes, the Student Booklet Holders are ideal for many situations. In order to be the most effective student booklet holder, it can be customized to fit various thicknesses of books and can also be crafted with or without a lip.

Features the Plastic Perfection Student Booklet Holders

  • Our student booklet holder is made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic.
  • It is extremely durable and light weight.
  • The texture and color prevents scratches and marks from showing.
  • The texture and color also helps hide fingerprints.

Student Booklet Holder Specifications

The Keyboard Companion is 8.375 in. high X 11 in. wide X 1.5 in. deep and can hold almost any size booklet that is spiral bound.

Booklet Holder Dimensions


"Over the past year, it has been my pleasure to watch my students grow into proficient, confident keyboardists. Thanks in large part to your product (the Keyboard Trainer), my middle school students are learning to keyboard faster and with greater accuracy than ever! I highly recommend this durable, quality product to anyone teaching or learning keyboarding."
–Christopher Henricksen, Computer Literacy Teacher

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