Keyboard Companion

Keyboard Companion

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Keyboard Companion - Student Book Holders

If you teach a typing class, then the Keyboard Companion is ideal to use as student book holders. Any typing class uses typing practice books and these need to be able to sit at the side of the students keyboard to help the student practice typing.

In order to be the most effective plastic book holder the Keyboard Companion can be customized to fit various thicknesses of books and can also be crafted with or without a lip.

Benefits of Using Student Book Holders

  • Using the Keyboard Companion makes typing much easier which increases typing speed.
  • The Keyboard Companion is made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic.
  • It is extremely durable and light weight.
  • The texture and color of the Keyboard Companion prevents scratches and marks from showing.
  • The texture and color also helps hide fingerprints.
  • It easily stores on top of the computer monitor or stands on it's side behind the keyboard when not in use.
  • The Keyboard Trainer can also be stored with the Keyboard Companion to remove clutter from the desktop.

Plastic Book Holder Specifications

The Keyboard Companion is 10 in. high on the back side X 11 in. high on the front side X 8 in. wide with a 1.5 in. lip and easily holds any standard textbook.

Plastic Book Holder Dimensions
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"The keyboard trainer is my biggest asset for teaching keyboarding skills. My students have been able to achieve their goals because of this product. Thank you, we could not have done this without your help!"
–Paula Kelleher, Computer Technology Specialist

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