Keyboard Companion

The Keyboard Companion is perfect for typing homework, doing data entry, and holding text books. Its sturdy construction and design holds almost any book without tipping.

Keyboard Companion

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Recipe Book Holder

The Keyboard Companion was designed to hold text books next to a computer keyboard. It is strong, sturdy, and carries a lifetime warranty.

Since creating the keyboard companion, many people have told us that it also doubles perfectly as a recipe book holder! It is 10 inches high with a 1.5" lip. It easily works as a recipe book holder because it was designed for heavy textbooks.

The Benefits of using a Recipe Book Holder

The obvious benefit of using a recipe book holder is that it is much easier to see the recipes when the book is standing vertically for you. However, there are two other very important reasons to use a recipe book holder. Using a recipe book holder:

  • Saves counter space: When your recipes are laying flat on the counter, it takes the full size of the open recipe book. When the recipe book is in a recipe book holder, it barely takes more space then the book would take if it was standing on its side!
  • Keeps your recipe books cleaner: When your recipe book is laying flat on the counter, it becomes more susceptible to spills, splatters, and messes. When the book is in a recipe book holder, they stay much cleaner, so they'll last longer too!
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