Keyboard Companion

Keyboard Companion

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Keyboard Companion: Plastic Book Holder

The Keyboard Companion is an extremely useful plastic book holder and typing tool. It is used as a book holder, paper holder, document holder, booklet stand, and/or a paper stand. The Keyboard Companion is made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic, is very durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The ABS plastic we use for our book holders is virtually impossible to break. In addition, the texture and color of the product prevents scratches and marks from showing. Maybe most importantly, the texture and color also helps hide fingerprints!

In order to be the most effective plastic book holder the Keyboard Companion can be customized to fit various thicknesses of books and can also be crafted with or without a lip. In addition, the Keyboard Companion can be customized by being built wider by request.

"Last year, I purchased Plastic Perfection Keyboard Companions for my classroom. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. They are made of durable plastic that won't break, and they have a color and texture that make them virtually impossible to deface. The Keyboard Companions hold papers and books in the proper position for keyboarding. My students enjoy using them. I highly recommend this product."
-Jeff Hinton, Keyboarding Teacher
"We cannot say enough good about the Keyboard Trainers and Companions we have been using over the past several years. We could not be happier. We looked to other companies for a better price and were disappointed not only with the price, but the quality of the products they had to offer. We continue to share our feelings with other schools and hope they take advantage of the great product you have to offer."
-Terry Hill, Principal

Keyboard Companion Plastic Book Holder Video

The Keyboard Companion is made of durable, flexible plastic. Watch this video to see how strong the Keyboard Companion is.

Keyboard Companion Plastic Book Holder Images

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The Keyboard Companion can hold full-sized textbooks.
The Keyboard Companion is great for holding documents upright next to the computer.
Keyboard Companion

Plastic Book Holder Specifications

The Keyboard Companion is 10 in. high on the back side X 11 in. high on the front side X 8 in. wide with a 1.5 in. lip and easily holds any standard textbook.

Plastic Book Holder Dimensions

Custom Made Plastic Book Holders

We can customize the Keyboard Companion for you. The most common changes people request are to make the plastic book holder wider, or to make it without a front lip. Please contact us for more information.

Our Products Come with a Lifetime Warranty!


"The Plastic Perfection Keyboard Trainers have been a BIG hit at Dodd Elementary. The kids love them and cannot wait to get started keyboarding so they can use them. We have had a major increase in typing speed. I love the fact that the covers are practically indestructible - since there are over 650 kids in and out of my lab each week! Thank you for a great product!"
–Nancy Spaulding, Keyboard Instructor

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