Learning to Touch Type


Keyboard Trainer

The Keyboard Trainer is an extremely effective typing tutor. The Keyboard Trainer helps students to learn to tough-type by covering their hands and keyboard.

Keyboard Trainer

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We cannot say enough good about the Keyboard Trainers and Companions we have been using over the past several years. We could not be happier. We looked to other companies for a better price and were disappointed not only with the price, but the quality of the products they had to offer. We continue to share our feelings with other schools and hope they take advantage of the great product you have to offer.
–Terry Hill, Principal

Our Keyboard Trainer can help when learning to touch type! Our keyboard cover hides your hands and the keyboard, aiding in learning to touch type. The computer keyboard cover is an extremely beneficial tool when learning to touch type. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty!

Why Bother Learning to Touch Type?

Learning to touch type increases the fluidity and speed of your typing, and thus your marketability. For a professional typist, learning to touch type is crucial. Plastic Perfection can assist you in learning to touch type with our keyboard cover. Learning to touch type has never been easier.

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