Computer Keyboard Cover

Plastic Perfection's computer keyboard cover is a wonderful typing tutor! Our computer keyboard cover hides your student's hands and the keyboard, helping students learn to type without looking. The computer keyboard cover is an extremely effective typing tutor and will be one of your most beneficial educational/typing tools.

The ABS plastic we use for our computer keyboard cover is virtually impossible to break. In addition, the texture and color of the computer keyboard cover prevents scratches and marks from showing, and even helps hide fingerprints! We are so confident in the quality of our products that they all come with a lifetime warranty!

Why Use a Computer Keyboard Cover?

A computer keyboard cover is a must have tool to aid in learning keyboarding. A computer keyboard cover prevents the user from looking at the keyboard, thus improving touch typing efficiency. No keyboarding class should be without a computer keyboard cover. Learn more about the benefits of a computer keyboard cover here.

Standard Computer Keyboard Cover


Keyboard Trainer

The Keyboard Trainer is an extremely effective typing tutor. The Keyboard Trainer helps students to learn to tough-type by covering their hands and keyboard.

Keyboard Trainer

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Custom Made Computer Keyboard Cover

All keyboards are not created equal. While our standard computer keyboard cover will fit most keyboards, we can customize your computer keyboard cover to suit your needs. The most common changes people request are to make the plastic computer keyboard cover wider. Please contact us for more information.

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