Keyboard Companion

Keyboard Companion

Great for any Keyboarding Class

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Keyboard Companion - Book Stand FAQs

1. How long does the Keyboard Companion last?
Our Keyboard Companions are extremely durable and for that reason carry a lifetime warranty. Made from durable ABS plastic, the Keyboard Companion can take substantial abuse and it will still maintain its intended function.

2. How long will it take for me to receive my order?
All orders are shipped by U.S. Mail within two business days of receiving the order, unless otherwise requested. In the United States, customers should receive their order within a range of one to seven days, depending on their distance from Midway, UT. Shipments made to Hawaii and Alaska are sent by U.S. Mail.

3. What is covered by the Plastic Perfection warranty?
Everything, other than deliberate student damage or loss.

4. How much does shipping cost?

  • 1-4 items: $9.00
  • 5-9 items: $16.00
  • 10-18 items: $25.00
  • 19-29 items: $50.00
  • 30 items or more: Free Shipping!

5. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

6. Do you offer bulk discounts?
We do. Orders over 30 items get free shipping!

7. What is your return policy?
In all of our years of business, we have never had an ordered returned. That is why we are happy to offer a 30-day return policy.



"I love the Keyboard Trainers and so do my students! We used them for the first time last semester. Midway through the course, I told my students they could remove the trainers since we had completed our alphabetic keyboard training. Most of the students wanted to leave them on just so they would not develop any keypeeking habits.

Thank you for this wonderful product!"
–Jane Corradetti, Moraine Valley Community College

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