Book Holders for Keyboarding

Our Keyboard Companion's are extremely useful plastic book holders for keyboarding. They are used as book holders for keyboarding, paper holders, document holders, booklet stands, and/or paper stands. Our book holders for keyboarding are made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic, are very durable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

The ABS plastic we use for our book holders for keyboarding is virtually impossible to break. In addition, the texture and color of the book holders for keyboarding prevents scratches and marks from showing, and even helps hide fingerprints!

Why Use Book Holders for Keyboarding?

Book holders for keyboarding are an excellent tool to improve keyboarding efficiency. When you use book holders for keyboarding, you improve the fluidity of your typing, which improves your overall typing speed. If you need book holders for keyboarding, we offer the following options:

Testing Book Holders for Keyboarding


Testing Booklet Holder

The Testing Booklet Holder can hold any size booklet that is spiral bound. Great for students to practice typing and take tests.

Testing Booklet Holder

$18 Free Shipping on 30 or more items!


Standard Book Holders for Keyboarding


Keyboard Companion

The Keyboard Companion is perfect for typing homework, doing data entry, and holding text books. Its sturdy construction and design holds almost any book without tipping.

Keyboard Companion

$15 Free Shipping on 30 or more items!


Custom Made Book Holders for Keyboarding

We can customize the Keyboard Companion for you. The most common changes people request are to make the plastic book holders for keyboarding wider, or to make it without a front lip. Please contact us for more information.

Our Products Come with a Lifetime Warranty!


"Last year, I purchased Plastic Perfection Keyboard Companions for my classroom. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. They are made of durable plastic that won't break, and they have a color and texture that make them virtually impossible to deface. The Keyboard Companions hold papers and books in the proper position for keyboarding. My students enjoy using them. I highly recommend this product."
–Jeff Hinton, Keyboarding Teacher

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